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Bronze Foundry Features

  • Competence in Bronze Casting

    A high quality production needs a solid basis: creative artists dedicated emloyees, a pleasant Work environment and ultimately long-term Experience - with us already in the second generation... Read More
  • Bull Elephant Resin-Bronze

    Bull Elephant - Resin Bronze ID: 88789-Resin-Bronze Name: Bull Elephant Resin-Bronze H: 220 cm W: 140 cm L: 300 cm Price: 159,000.00 THB (EXW Prachinburi)     Read More
  • Bald Eagle

    Bald Eagle - Bronze ID: 88632 Name: Bald Eagle H: 160 cm W: 200 cm L: 95 cm     Read More
  • Panda bear Resin-Bronze "big"

    Panda bear - Resin-Bronze ID: Panda Resin-Bronze "big" Name: Panda bear Resin Bronze H: 80 cm Price: 12,000.00 THB (EXW Prachinburi)         Read More
  • Horse Limbo

    Horse "Limbo" - Bronze ID: 88400 Name: Horse "Limbo" H: 205 cm     Read More
  • Drusilla Big

    Drusilla Big - Bronze ID: 90165 Name: Drusilla big H: 150 cm W: 162 cm L: 104 cm Water Feature     Read More
  • Anaiis

    Anaiis - Bronze ID: 105 Name: Anaiis H: 113 cm W: 108 cm L: -- cm     Read More
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Bronzefoundry Bronzefoundry Bronzefoundry

Bronze Statues & Sculptures

Rottenecker Bronze Co., Ltd. is a Bronze Art foundry in Prachinburi, Thailand. We are producing Quality Bronze Art, Bronze Statues & Bronze Sculptures for garden and interior.
As the producing part of "Rottenecker Group" we are very committed to delivering the highest quality products for customers, and we expect a higher standard for ourselves than set by anyone else. For over 35 years we have been working in the manufacturing of bronze sculptures, and the production takes place according to European standards. All models are designed by us in close cooperation with international artists. Each model is entirely handmade and individually patinated and refined.
Our production is supervised by a German Managing Director, who is watching closely every step of the Bronze casting and production process to ensure that it all meets our high expectations for quality. Our equipment e.g. the 2 sand blast machines, is imported from Italy. As a result, we are able to maintain absolute quality control.

We are open to any enquiry and are delighted to discuss any proposal or project you may have. Please feel free to call about any future project or if you wish to visit us at the Bronze Foundry and we can show you around.


  • ... is in addition to the precious metals gold and silver.
  • ... is an ideal metal for outdoor use as it is weather resistant.
  • All sculptures have a high value stability and lifelong quality.

Our Bronze products

Resin Bronze

  • ... is a complex built up in layers of plastic.
  • ... is a light material, yet robust and weather resistant.
  • ... is faithfully coated with resin and bronze.

Our Resin Bronze products

Emergence Of A Bronze Sculpture

A special protective coating ensures that the natural aging process, not proceed at outdoor locations. This surrounds the sculpture completely and prevents any further change, proved by tests in the weather chamber.
Emergence Of Bronze Sculpture    

A finish, as if the sculpture already have been outside for several years, is the goal of our developed and kept secret Patination. Due to brushing and grinding it finally gets the final surface structure.

Precision Work
Now the tedious precision work of the engraver starts. With chisel, file and punches the blank is elaborated. All operations such as grinding, welding, filing, etc. made ​​entirely by hand since no machine can replace the hand of the artisan.

Removal Of Fireclay
Sprue, risers and exhaust tubes can now be removed from the blank.

The wax model (For each figure a separate model must be produced) contains core and cladding made ​​of gypsum and fireclay. A cast iron skillet and nails support the resulting shaped block which is then heated up for a week in a walled furnace. Slowly and gradually melts the wax (hence lost wax).

From Ancient To Modern Times

Antique Bronze Art 

For two generations, family Rottenecker deals with one of the oldest crafts ever, the art casting. The purpose is the production of a copy or dimensional object in real bronze. 

Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, with no or only very minor additions of other elements, is considered one of the first by people created and used alloys. They were masters of their craft and in society highly regarded: the bronze caster.


 Antique Bronze Art They mixed copper with tin and got a metal that they could form at will to weapons, tools and jewelry. The advantage of Bronze is, that it is very corrosive and seawater resistant and resistant to wear. To gain access to the valuable raw materials, people operated across thousands of miles away. Bronze meant wealth, prestige and power. The material was then for the people so important that it has given its name to an entire era: the Bronze Age. The production of bronze has - so it is estimated - began 2500-2000 BC in Southwest Asia. Even today in the age of bits and bytes Bronze takes an outstanding position among the materials.
 Antique Bronze Art Due to the high quality standards you are in the family's foundry still prefer the traditional lost wax method, where individual series are produced entirely in sand casting and centrifugal casting.
 Antique Bronze Art

From the original model of a sculpture or a relief a flexible negative mold is created. Depending on the production method it requires a repeated casting of the model until the copy is finished. The negative mold is destroyed during casting. Therefore, for each model there must be made another copy of a new form. The creation of a high quality Art casting object is complex and requires a high level of experience and skills of the cast Master.

Within the art of casting, bronze casting holds a very special status. The method - developed during the Bronze Age - are still used today. Over the millennia, the technology has only been refined and extended. Despite mechanical assistance bronzes are also almost exclusively pure Hand made​​.

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